Saturday, December 22, 2012 becomes highest classified ad sites has received 100, 000 free advertisements over the last six months and has become the highest visited classified advertisement site in Bangladesh.

In terms of total website visits in Bangladesh, now ranks in between 10 among local sites and 28th including all global sites according to came to the market six months ago with the aim of providing a credible platform for online buyers and sellers to interact. The website provides a simple, safe and fast buying and selling experience for the approximately 8 million Internet users in the country.

Here buyer can contact the seller through his mobile number or email address and check out the item before making the final decision. As there is no online payment system, it is open and easy to use by most of the people. is a classified advertisement site that facilitates the buying and selling of second hand products. There are no costs for advertising at Anyone with access to the Internet can conduct business through 

Free classified advertising is also regarded as one of the most powerful tools for online advertisements over the Internet. Entrepreneurs in Bangladesh can also promote their business free of cost at, currently the leading online classified advertisement site in Bangladesh.   

Raqib Jahan, a busy banker who used to have a difficult time meeting his friends and selling his mobile phones says regarding, “I sold my old HTC mobile through 

It did not take more than 2 days to get right customer. And now I have the added budget to buy a new mobile.” Many consumers have reflected Raqib’s views that provides faster sales than anywhere else and also provides the best possible offers for second hand products. 

The ads are valid on the site for a period of 90 days. Also the site is available throughout Bangladesh, so buyers can purchase items from someone in their own towns and cities. Currently mobile phones are the fastest selling products on  

Nils Hammar, CEO of says, “ is fast and easy to use. It is a free market place on the Internet to buy and sell almost anything. It is also an opportunity for SMEs to place themselves on the market.”

Hammar also said that could play a vital role in taking Internet to a wider audience within Bangladesh and be an integral part of Bangladeshi’s growth story. He also said that has come to Bangladesh owing to the rapid economic development of this country.

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